Residential Interior design

Welcome to The Local INN.terior, a company that brings Singapore’s spirit into your home. As the leading Residential Interior Design Agency in Singapore, our primary expertise lies in converting living spaces into personalized sanctuaries regarding their owners’ character and lifestyle as well as intertwining local culture into it.

A Journey with The Local INN.terior

At The Local INN.terior, we do not just design residential interiors for beauty; we design spaces that tell personal stories about you. We are passionate about creating comfortable, functional and beautiful environments that foster human interactions. We customize every project to suit your needs whether you prefer modern minimalism or traditional eclecticism; so that your house is uniquely yours.

Why Us?

Local Knowledge/Global Vision: Our Singaporean historical heritage blended with international creative perspective enables us to create culturally significant yet universally appealing areas.

Personalised Designs: Our approach to residential interior design is very much personal. We work closely with our clients throughout the process of designing their homes including understanding what they dream about and transforming those ideas into reality.

Sustainable Living: Following Singapore’s green drive, our designs incorporate environmentally friendly practices and materials hence building homes that are sustainable.

Our Offerings

Complete Home Makeovers: Whether you need to re-do an existing room or build from scratch, our comprehensive design solutions take care of all aspects of making your home look attractive.

Space Planning & Optimization: This involves effective use of space in order to maximize efficient use of every square inch thus providing harmonious living areas within household premises through residential interior design in Singapore.

Bespoke Furniture & Fixtures: We also have custom furniture and fixture development services enabling us to create unique pieces tailor made for individual spaces at different homes.

The Local INN.terior Experience

When you select The Local INN.terior, you join a partnership venture with us. Transparency is one of our core values during this whole process since our goal is not just meeting but surpassing all of your expectations. We have designed this journey to be an enjoyable and seamless process for you from the day we first meet until we hand over the finished product.

Your Dream Home Awaits

The Local INN.terior is a Residential Interior Design Agency in Singapore that focuses on creativity, personalization and quality. Allow us to transform your idea into reality creating a space where all moments are treasured as well as each corner has its own story to tell; together, let’s build your dream home.

Discover the art of living with The Local INN.terior. Call us today so that we can help you make a move towards a custom made house suited to fit your lifestyle perfectly.