Lived INN #2: Mr. C


Refined and of a gentleman’s taste, there is no other better way to summarise Mr C’s single bedroom apartment. 

Dark, moody and contemporary with a specialised lighting plan devised to illuminate specific areas without ruining the mysterious, cave-like atmosphere whilst creating a soft glowing ambience that is intimate and inviting.

State-of-the-art appliances, shiny and gleaming, tracking refractions of inlaid LEDs. Originally where once was a spare room, is now the expanded bachelor’s kitchen that is dressed to impress, with preceding physical boundaries removed for an open concept.

Equipped to handle heavy duty cooking with strategically positioned front seat viewing by the bar, for invited company to observe and communicate with the main occupant, himself, as he manoeuvres through the space, to entertain and play host.


Seamlessly connected to the common living area, where a crafted, hyper-personalised gaming experience of leisure activity, conveniently situated a sliding door away from the bedroom. Separated by a cleverly designed single unit of multi-functioning carpentry that houses a camouflaged console shelf and a full set on the other end with other things and a smart home control, put on display.

Allowing for a communal gaming experience amongst friends (and foe), with an augmented feeling of being within the utmost upgraded version of a lan shop.


The bedroom is hotel-grade (but better) with a plethora of lighting and entertainment options configured specially around the platform bed and its surroundings, toggled by switches within reach of either side, set to adapt to any specific mood. 

All things were well considered, Mr C’s pad is wholesomely neat and tidy in design and in upkeep, aptly reflected by the overflowing laundry hamper, methodically stacked in a corner. Exuding major BDE with an overall composition kept as simple as possible, while allowing the materiality of its elements to take precedence.

Photos by MC Khoo