Our relationship with Catherine, Local Innterior began in July 2016. We were sourcing for IDs for our 4 bedrooms apartment via some online renovation portal. As usual, we received several quotes from ID firm and met up with a few IDs to discuss our plan and budget. Why did we choose Catherine? Firstly, she knew what we wanted. We have 3 children. Practicality is key. We wanted as many storage solutions as possible and she managed to come out with what we wanted, incorporated in her designs. Secondly, she is attentive to details. My wife wanted several small details in some carpentry work as well as colour scheme. Catherine remembered all very clearly and is able to remind us at times we forgot. Lastly, the quotation by Local Innterior was within our budget, which in fact, is one of the most important factor. Renovation work started on 1st November and took about 2 months to complete. There were a few hiccups, which is standard, as part of a renovation project. Also, there were some last minutes amendments. We had expected these as we did 2 renovations before for our previous homes. To our surprise, Catherine managed to solve all these with no delay. She did her best to help us resolve whatever issues we had. In term of services to her clients, we would say she surpassed our previous IDs. Way ahead. Masonry/carpentry/plumbing/electrical works were all done up to standard. Her personal touch, however, is way above standard. We are pleased with her services. Thank you very much, Catherine!