We engaged Local INN.terior for a very specific project – to remodel my mother-in-law’s bathroom to make it dementia friendly. From the very start of the project, Cee Leah took extra effort to understand our needs (including reading up on what goes into a dementia friendly bathroom) and to accommodate our schedule (work could only be done when my mother-in-law was not at home, so as not to distress her). Cee Leah was amazing to work with – she is trustworthy, hands-on with instructions and supervision, diligent and hardworking, and practical with her ideas and input – don’t be fooled by her youth! The Local INN.terior’s subcontractors and suppliers are also very knowledgeable and good at what they do. I am very grateful to, and would highly recommend, The Local INN.terior and Cee Leah!