As a youthful team of creatively-fuelled individuals, the Local INN.terior aspires to build on existing structures of human ingenuity to make spaces better for living. Our motivation is to design personalised places that are fresh and contemporary, yet practical and functional.

Working in tangent with your needs, we are dedicated to aiding you in the creation of a range of different spaces; be it your ideal home, a productive office, or the composition of an attractive shopfront.

Communication with you, our client, is of utmost importance to us, and through discussions can we only learn to understand the nuances of your preferences. Especially so when we take an approach that draws inspiration from your lifestyle, as we aim to provide optimal concepts that have been adapted accordingly to suit your way of living.

Every future project is a new learning experience that challenges our pragmatic problem solving skills, and along with your input, it allows us to continually better ourselves to strive for constant improvement.

A proud local business with its humble beginnings originating at 158 Rangoon Road, the showroom still serves as our headquarters, acting as a catalyst to encourage and facilitate mutual collaboration and the exchange of ideas amongst our designers.


Design Consultation

Project Coordination & Management

Space Planning

Furniture Layout

Lighting & Sanitary Acc. Selection

Custom Furniture & Built in Design

Color, Furnish & Material Proposal

Be among the very first people to experience The Local INN.terior’s unmatched journey, where innovativeness collides with sophistication and redefine how Singapore looks at space plans. We have a philosophy that embraces any type of area irrespective of its size or usage and believes in the possibility of transforming it into a design masterpiece with superb levels of efficiency. The Local INN.terior is driving this change by offering personalized space planning solutions for all residents within Singapore. In Singapore’s bustling city where every inch matters, The Local INN.terior wants to maximize your space’s functionality while improving on the aesthetics. This is achieved by embracing everything else that defines you as an individual or company then incorporating these in our innovative designs so that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. Through detailed planning and creative flair, we make sure that every inch in your place is optimized thus not only creating beauty but enhancing quality living or working environment. Our secret ingredient for obtaining perfection in space planning solutions in Singapore lies within the intricacies involved during project execution and delivery of the final product. Our professional designers’ squad takes pride in being attentive individuals who can hear our clients’ desires and problems deeply. This ensures we give life to spaces reflecting what sort of person might be staying there; his character, likes etc. From homes that abounds with warmth and personal touch to offices which define brands and increase efficiency, The Local INN.terior is ready to become your loyal friend when making your dreams come true. The core principles behind our space planning solutions are environmentally friendly materials used as well as innovative ideas implemented by architects involved during designing process itself. There has been increased awareness about damage human beings cause towards nature hence building ecological houses using natural resources is one way out for us as a local interior design firm in Singapore called “Local Inn”. We have created timeless looking designs which are still futuristic as they will remain relevant even after many years. It all starts with a dialogue when looking to create that masterpiece of your environment. Share your dreams and challenges with us at The Local INN.terior. Let’s probe opportunities, find innovative approaches and adopt latest tendencies in space planning and designing. Our dedication towards perfection combined with passion for style makes us the best place to go for such services in Singapore. The creator of your dreams should be The Local INN.terior. It could mean being able to actualize that special retreat; it can also be translated into a labor-intense commercial facility or an exciting home office space within the downtown core of Singapore, whatever you prefer; let us make it true by designating space which is not only functional but also becomes a source of happiness and inspiration. Your space is no longer just a place, but rather, The Local INN.terior will make it a destination that offers much more than just mere location. Together we can move beyond existing limits and generate incredible spaces while rethinking about outlooks on how to plan them as per Singapore standards